DartsmatePro - Professional Darts Scorer

DartsmatePro - Professional Darts Scorer

This product comes with ANY FREE SET OF DARTS as you are spending over 85. Add the product to your basket and a pop up message will appear re-directing you to select your free set (offer excludes All Winmau, Widow & Cut Throat darts).
This scorer allows the player to choose to play standard Darts games or to play Tactics (Cricket).

You can also select to play against the computer in either mode - Darts or Tactics - 8 Different Skill Levels!!

Extremely easy to use and score

Size. H: 345mm / W: 215mm / D : 30mm.
Weight. 1kg
Power. 9 volts d.c.regulated 550mA.

Play all games 101 - 1001.
Displays for Score, Total, Legs and Sets.
Recall up to 40 scores stored in memory.
Delete the last incorrect score entered.
Records the overall per dart and per throw averages.
Records the number of darts thrown in the last leg.
Invalid scores/checkouts are rejected.
Practice checkouts.
Power supply included.

Available from Red Dragon Darts.


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