Dual iMac Table

Dual iMac Table

A wonderful retro table for your design studio, reception, music studio or perhaps even your living room. Infact this beautiful table would look good anywhere!

The iMac G3 is considered a design classic employing translucent plastic and the curves of a beauty queen!

These tables are in limited supply, available only whilst we can find the matching machines to make them, and they are becoming more scarce by the day ...

This iMac table is produced from a matching pair of Apple iMac G3s, specially cleaned, with many of their internal components removed, and an acrylic table top supported by high-quality polyurethane bumpers
The table looks fantastic and is guaranteed to get the attention of your friends, family or clients.

The table is 50cm by 100cm and stands 40cm high. The top is made from high-quality acrylic and is supported by adhesive, weight-resistant polyurethane bumpers.

Available from Computing History Shop.

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